Power Transformer price

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Power Transformer price

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Our JBK control voltage transformers employ anti corrosion alloy material, the bottom plate enhanced the reliability of grounding. The connecting terminals apply combined structure, not only increasing clearance and creepage distance, but improving the intensive degree of connections, with a defense grade of IP20, preventing the danger of electric shock occasionally. The products are applicable to circuits with alternating current, 50/60HZ, input voltage less than 400V and rating output voltage less than 660V and can be used as control power supplies for general electrical equipments of mechanical equipments in various industries and power supplies for work lights and signal lamps. The products meet the standards of JB5555,GB/T5226.1, VDEO551, IEC439, IEC204-1, etc., and can be interchanged with similar products abroad for use.

Model meanings
J B K 5-()-()
J-Machine tool
5-Design serial number
()-Rated power(VA)
()-Wet tropic-type plus TH

Technical specification

1. The measurements of products are only for your reference. For particular products,the measurements change accordingly.
2. The input voltage and output voltage in the chart vary with the requirements of customers and can be combined at customer鈥瞫 option.
3. The unlisted specifications and measurements can be decided through consultation to meet the requirements of customers.
4. The insulation level of the products is E, or be produced(B,F,H)according to the requirements of customers.
Order goods notice
1. Production model number
2. Rated power
3. Primary and secondary rated voltage
4. Frequency
5. Need the ROHS environmental protection authentication to invite the indication
6. Other special needs
Power Transformer price